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Upgrades for all  DYNOS

Stuska, Go-Power, Super Flow, DTS, Schenck, Froude, Hofmann, AVL, Bosch, Maha, Sun, Clayton, Vane, Mustang, Dynojet


TAT -  founded in 1970 was initially a pioneer in the supply of first generation contactless ignition systems for retro-fitment to cars and motorbikes. This constituted in those days a unique breakthrough, as then nearly all vehicles were still using contact breakers.

Six years later the first speed parts shop catering for the performance parts demand was opened. 

A further branch was to follow.    2001 finds us in our purpose built 22,000 square feet new HQ in Bretten, Germany, 25 km East of Karlsruhe and 40 km West of Stuttgart, the heart of Germany`s automobile manufacturing industry with renowned companies such as Daimler-Benz, now Daimler-Chrysler, Porsche, AMG-Mercedes and Audi all within the vicinity.

Here we found the space and know-how to embark on our new course: Data Acquisition Systems of all kinds and guises.

In 1995 TAT embarked on a new venture -  to supply enhanced data acquisition systems for engine and chassis dynamometers.

These should be cost-effective but at the same time offer a myriad of functions to satisfy the demands and requirements of professional engine builders.

Since then TAT  has stood for Today's Advanced Technologies which we strive to bring to all users of any kind of engine or chassis dynamometer as well as for many other applications including a myriad of industrial applications.

Customers to date include Peugeot Sport, Audi Sport, Honda R&D, TRD (Toyota Racing Development) and a string of renowned engine builders worldwide.


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Data Acquisition Systems for any Dyanamometer:

SUN Ram 12, SUN Ram XII, SUN Ram 11, SUN Ram XI, MAHA LPS 13, Maha LPS 12, Maha LPS 2000, Hofmann, Bosch LPS 002, Bosch FLA 203, Bosch FLA 206
Hofmann Dynatest, Superflow, Dynojet, Mustang, Clayton, Vamag, Vane

Chassis Dyno Software Chassis Dynamometer Software Inertia Dyno Software 
 Rolling Road Software Inertia Chassis Dyno Software Engine Dyno Software Dynamometer Data Acquisition
dyno tat.gif (2001 Byte)
FLA_996_2k.jpg (7935 Byte) chassis_dyno_996g3 Porsche 996 GT3 on Schenck Dyno

Data Acquisition Systems 
for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Engine Dynamometer
Chassis Dynamometer / Rolling Road

the New Generation flexible and modular Data Acquisition System - fully upgradeable and expandable at any time, up to 256 channels possible !

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Real-time Display of all sensor values during a power run